Hotel 1925

The Story of Hotel 1925

From the family who brought you Casa Marikit Ristorante Italiano, the very first dining Italian restaurant in the Lipa City, Batangas comes an untold story of hard work and perseverance. Hailing from a very poor family, surviving the Japanese occupation and battling tuberculosis, Rufino “PINONG” M. Mojares was saved by his enterprising spirit. Working from a very young age, he bought and sold anything and everything under the sun to make ends meet. From trading second-hand tires to selling appliances, manufacturing jeepneys, selling motorcycles and feed milling, he started making his mark in the world of business.

With the passage of time, his business grew and diversified. He closed some doors and open new ones. Where there was once an open space warehouse now stands a beauty to hold. What used to be rough cement floor now covered with machuca tiles. Old wood was turned into establishment. The grand stairs preserves the scars and secrets of the past. So much of new edifice belonged to the long ago.

This is a tribute to a boy who didn’t have enough to replace his worn out slippers. A homage to the man who was built an empire. Rufino “Pinong” M. Mojares, born 1925.

Welcome to Hotel 1925.

Beautiful Lipa

Success, stature and sophistication. This was Lipa between 1886 and 1888 when it was only supplier of coffee beans in the world. It was a time of splendor and luxury where mansions were adorned with furniture from Europe. But despite the flamboyance, the Lipeños were still described as “diligent, sympathetic, generous, God fearing, understanding, hospitable, and strong –willed.”

Lipa is located 80 kilometers south of Manila. It is a center of recreation, religion, commerce, industry and education.

It has access to major cities through the Southern Tagalong Arterial Road and South Luzon Expressway.

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